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Graphic Design
With Pixedi

Determining your strategy

We define who you are, your goals or your product. In the light of the information revealed, we calculate our area of influence. Then we create your strategy suitable for you.

Design that makes a difference

We determine your competitors in accordance with the strategy we have created. We are preparing innovative and beautiful designs that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Reaching the target audience

We move forward in accordance with our goals and implement the designs we have prepared. Depending on our strategy, we deliver the designs we implement to your target audience digitally and physically.

Graphic design

What are we doing?

Pixedi has managed to become a major digital agency thanks to its experience by working with many companies around the world. The universal design perception we gained during this journey has been reflected in our work and carried our customers to a world-class area.


Corporate identity

Your company's logo, business card, e-mail, brochure, website, catalog, promotional materials and so on. We are preparing the designs


We design your product and brand promotions for digital and printed media. We introduce you visually at the best level


Business cards, notebooks, magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc. We make your works ready for printing and prepare them for you.

Concept Design

Product, vehicle, brand, character, etc. We professionally prepare the creation and planning processes for you.

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As Pixedi team, we professionally prepare your logo, corporate identity, all your visuals related to your brand, advertising works. We bring you to a better position.