Film and Advertising
With Pixedi

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Film and Advertising
With Pixedi

Video Shooting

We prepare visual content that best reflects any organization, company, association, product or person.

Script writing

With our expert team, we create detailed and creative scenarios that reflect you in the best way.

Video editing

We will express you better by editing the contents we have prepared for you or belong to you in the best way in terms of visual and audio.

Web design

What are we doing?

Pixedi has managed to become a major digital agency thanks to its experience by working with many companies around the world. The universal design perception we gained during this journey has been reflected in our work and carried our customers to a world-class area.


Promotion film

We promote an organization, company, association and similar structures with audio and visual materials in the best way.

Advertising film

Pazarlama döngüsü kapsamında şirketinizi veya ürününüzü dışarıya lanse etmek, tanıtmanızı ve kitlelere ulaşmanızı sağlıyoruz

Music video

We prepare clips that are planned in detail and with high design elements in order to reach your works to marketing and wider audiences.

Short film

We shoot, direct and edit the story you want to tell, in movie quality, for you.

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As Pixedi team, we professionally prepare your logo, corporate identity, all your visuals related to your brand, advertising works. We bring you to a better position.