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Web Development

Web Design
With Pixedi

Become a Website Owner

As Pixedi team, we bring you personal website, blogs, internet forums, online e-commerce stores, multimedia galleries, search engine optimization, seo service, google ADS services and more to the digital world for small to medium sized and large businesses.

Responsive Website

With responsive design, your site will be mobile compatible. It makes your site more accessible than mobile. In this way, you will provide a faster site to your customers who reach you via mobile.

SEO Services

It is the infrastructure work done by search engines to make your sites appear at the top. SEO studies should be managed in a completely professional manner.

Web Design

What are we doing?

Pixedi has managed to become a major digital agency thanks to its experience by working with many companies around the world. The universal design perception we gained during this journey has been reflected in our work and carried our customers to a world class area.



For small or large businesses, we provide the opportunity to own an online store, sell online and grow their own business.


With a corporate website, we give you and your business the opportunity to reach your customers or target audience in the best way possible.


With custom UI designs, we publish your products and studies, present them to your target audience and enable you to interact.


By sharing your article contents that reflect your own experiences, thoughts and lifestyle, you will be able to appeal to your target audience.





Starting Price

What are the services you get with this package?

  • Pre and post-installation support

  • 3 Right to revise

  • (SEO)

  • Discounts on other services

  • Admin panel / E-commerce



Starting Price

What are the services you get with this package?

  • Pre and post-installation support

  • 6 Right to revise

  • 3 Month (SEO)

  • 25% discount on other services

  • Admin panel / E-commerce




What are the services you get with this package?

  • 20 Keywords

  • Corporate Seo

  • Move up the rankings

  • Weekly Reporting

  • 15% discount on other services

The determined prices may vary up and down depending on your demands. To get better quality information, you can contact us by e-mail or phone.

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As Pixedi team, we professionally prepare your logo, corporate identity, all your visuals related to your brand, advertising works. We bring you to a better position.